What is a “Retouched Headshot”?

October 28, 2023

Retouching is a common photo editing process for headshots that removes any temporary skin blemishes and makeup/hair flaws from your photos, without changing any of the permanent features that make up your authentic self. 

After we provide you with your proof gallery of your best headshot photos, we ask you to choose which 1-2 photos (depending on your package) that you would like retouched to use as your final headshot photo(s). You can always purchase additional retouched photos as well. Our “Professional” package includes 1 retouched headshot, and our “Signature+” package includes 2 retouched headshots. In addition to your retouched headshot(s), you get to keep all your other headshot photos as well!

With retouching, our professional team will make intricate but subtle edits to remove any unwanted distractions, if needed. Depending on your personal preference, this generally includes removing blemishes, reducing wrinkles and eye bags, eliminating stray unwanted hairs, smoothing the background behind you, slightly whitening teeth, and emphasizing the beautiful glow in your eyes. If you ever want to omit any of these edits, please let us know which edits you don’t want performed. The edits we perform are subtle, and we never make edits that make a headshot look unnatural.